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Maintaining a Clean Yard for the Kiddos

As children begin to develop immunities from day one, they will fotne become sick due to their vulnerable state. Introducing pet waste into the equation can prove to be harmful, if not fatal in some scenarios.

For this reason, it’s crucial you employ great hygiene techniques for your yard where your children may play and frolic about. We can help you maintain a pristine and pleasant backyard, front yard, and anywhere in between within your residential property with our professional pet waste removal services.

Preventing Illness by Being Proactive

Preventing illness is one of the most important goals with any new parent, so why risk having your child become sick from a pet waste issue in your yard.(Source: Exposure to Animal Feces and Human Health: A Systematic Review )

Proactively going about removing pet waste can prevent extreme illness from occurring and reduce the chances of having to contact an urgent care house call doctor for medical treatment. Taking the right step in preventionary methods cna do wonders for your family’s overall morale and health.

Nobody Wants to Be Sick

The bottom line is nobody wants to be sick and we at K-9 Scoop can help you with our excellent pet waste removal services. Flu, colds, stomach viruses, etc… can be nightmarish and we want to keep you and your family safe!

The economic downsides sickness can add up quite quickly between lost time on the job, insurance bills, and general productivity reduction. It all boils down to being the best you can be and we can help you be that person!