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Dog Dangers In Your Yard infographic created by Freedom Dog Fence.

Your backyard is the center of your dog’s universe. It’s where your dog probably spends the majority of its time. Although your backyard is a place where your dog can chase butterflies, play fetch with the family, or just lie in the sun, it also can be a place of hidden dangers. Many of the everyday objects we have in our backyards may seem innocuous to us, but they can be hazardous for your dog if you’re not careful.

There are more than 100,000 reported cases of dog poisoning each year in the United States. Most of those cases could have been avoided easily if dog owners knew more about the hidden dangers in their backyards.

Even if an incident isn’t serious enough to warrant a trip to the vet, these backyard hazards can cause your dog to become sick and uncomfortable. That’s why it’s important for all dog owners to know about these potential dangers hidden in their backyards and do everything they can to keep their dogs safe from them.

Tracking Down The Source Of Dog Illnesses

Frequently, dogs will become sick and their owners will be baffled as to what caused the illness. In a lot of cases, these illnesses can be traced to something their dogs ate in the backyard.

For example, certain types of flowers commonly found in backyard gardens can be toxic to dogs, but other types are not. Some lilies are safe for dogs to consume, but other types of lilies can make them sick or even blind their dog. That means dog owners may be planting flowers that can be harmful to their dogs without even knowing it.

It’s important that dog owners check first to make sure the flowers they have chosen for their gardens are dog-safe before introducing them into the backyard. Genuine landscaping advice is not only beneficial for your property value but can also save your dogs’ life.

Common Backyard Items That Can Make Dogs Sick

Likewise, a lot of backyard waste can be harmful to dogs if it is not cleaned up right away. Dogs can choke on sticks and acorns if they chew on them. Proper tree care improves property value, and prevents incidents like these!

Additionally, leaves left on the ground too long can begin to rot and make dogs sick if they decide to eat them. Also coprophagia, when dogs eat their own waste, can become an issue so be sure to check out our pet waste management services as well as a local yard cleanup service to keep your property in good shape!