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About Us

We all have never ending to-do lists. Cleaning up after your dogs is not fun but we have to do it!

Owner, Tracy Clevens, with her dog, Dixon

You can trust our family to help keep your family’s yard dog poop free.

Our pet and dog waste removal service is here to give you back your free time and end any fights over who’s turn it is to scoop the poop.

Clevens K-9 Scoop is family owned and operated by Tracy and Michael Clevens. Our team of professional, reliable, and responsible Pet Waste Techs are ready when you are to take back you yard and get it looking its best!

Our pooper scooper service starts with a thorough initial cleaning to remove all old dog waste hidden in your yard. Each client is then assigned a service day and Pet Waste Tech or Scooper that is properly trained in identifying and removing all dog poop from your yard.


Dixon swimming

Our Training Program

 •Using our Yard Grid technique to effectively and efficiently find all dog waste

 •Equipment disinfecting procedures

 •Proper scooping techniques to remove the dog waste and minimize any residue left on the grass


You can also rest assured that gates will be closed and secured carefully each and every time we enter and leave your property. Also, if we notice anything unusual at your home or in your yard, we will notify you.

You can trust our family to help keep your family’s yard dog poop free.

Service is year-round.  You will never have to think about this unpleasant chore ever again! 

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Pet Waste Management services are available to residential yards and commercial properties such as apartment complexes, home-owner associations (HOAs), and parks and recreation areas. We also install, maintain and service all brands of Pet Waste Stations.


(610) 585-4527 Or (302) 416-2241