Commercial Pet Waste Stations

Dog Waste Station at a local doggie parkWhen you provide open spaces for dogs, it’s good planning to provide pet owners with dog poop bags and a receptable for thier waste to make sure it stays clean. Clevens K-9 Scoop installs, repairs, and maintains all types of pet waste stations for apartment communities, home owner associations (HOAs) and dog parks in southeastern Pennsylvania, northern Delaware, and on the Main Line of Philadelphia PA.

Dog Waste Stations For Homes & Parks

For over 10 years, we have customized solutions for various dog poop and waste problems in many apartment complexes and parks.  Well placed dog waste stations increase make sure that pet owners can properly dispose of waste easily.  The ability to have a secure spot to easily retrieve a poop bag and get rid of the waste lessens a pet owner’s desire to leave the waste on the ground for others to see, smell, and step in it.


Doggie Poop Cleanup Baggies & Receptacle Installation

Doggie Pot L1003 Installed

  • recommendations for where to place pet waste stations for maximum use;
  • how many and what types and brand of pet waste stations are needed to service your community;
  • the frequency at which stations should be serviced (weekly, twice weekly, or every other week); and
  • professional installation.
  • pet waste stations in Delaware and Pennsylvania along the Main Line

Our Pet Waste Station maintenance service

  • patrol and clean-up pet waste and trash within a 10 foot  radius of each station;
  • empty trash receptacles;
  • replace receptacle trash bags and properly dispose of waste;
  • check and refill earth-friendly individual dog waste bags;
  • supply and inventory all bags specific to your station;
  • wipe down / disinfect pet waste stations (to keep them clean, tidy and reduce odors);
  • inspect pet waste stations for damage and alert the community of any problems.

Please contact us for a free estimate to find out how your community can be dog waste free!

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Why Our Customers heart Us


You have made it so easy to take care of these waste stations.  I have never had a problem in all the years you have been servicing them.  I never heard any complaints regarding the condition or that there are no bags.  Thank you, for giving your years of service.

— J Lagatta- Asst Community Manager, Whiteland Woods