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Frequently Asked Questions About Poop Scooping Services

CLEVENS K-9 SCOOP will provide you with a clean, healthy yard to enjoy all year long. The purpose of this web page is to provide you with information regarding our policies, procedures, and guarantee.

What Are K-9 Scoop’s Available Services?

Weekly, twice-a-week, three-times-a-week, or one-time only residential yard cleanings are available. We also offer commercial dog waste removal services to Apartment Communities, Home Owner Associations, Businesses, Park & Recreation Areas.

Installation, Maintenance, and Servicing (refilling the individual pick up bags, changing out the receptacle trash bag, cleaning the unit) of Pet Waste Stations is also available.

What Are K-9 Scoop’s Policies and Procedures?

Service Day

Upon initiating service you will be given a regular service day. If bad weather is forecasted for your service day, that week,  or it’s a holiday week, we may change your service day.  We ask that you allow us some flexibility to change your service day due to bad weather or any other reason so that a service visit is not skipped.

If your yard has a gate please make sure it is unlocked and able to be opened. (No snow, lawn furniture, etc. blocking access to the yard.) If we can not access your yard you will be charged for the visit. If you do prefer to keep it locked, let us know.  There are a few ways we can handle this situation and can discuss this more with you.

Service frequency (Weekly, Twice Weekly, 3xs per Week, etc.) can be updated at any time. Written notification is needed to change or cancel service.

We can usually work with your dog(s) in the yard, but, if for any reason your dog(s) will not allow safe entry onto your property or is exhibiting any signs of aggression, we WILL NOT clean your property until the dog(s) is secured inside your house. If no one is home or does not answer the door to bring the dog(s) inside, you will be charged for the uncompleted clean-up.  If you know your dog(s) will not like us in your yard, please let us know when you sign-up for service.  We can discuss ways to keep our pooper scoopers safe and your dog(s) happy.

Pre-Payment discounts for 6 and 12 months are available. Please ask us for more information.


If you and your dog(s) will be away please let us know at least one week before your regular service day. The best way to inform us is by email, (info@k9scoop.com). Since your dog(s) will not be using the yard, you will not be charged for the time you are away. Service will continue when you return on your regular service day.

Year Round Service

Your dog(s) use your yard year round and we work to keep your yard clean throughout the year. We are closed the week of Christmas.

Customer Satisfaction/ Guarantee

We value our clients and their dog(s)! Satisfaction is guaranteed. If for some reason you are not satisfied please let us know within 24 hours of your yard cleaning and we will do what it takes to rectify the situation to your satisfaction.

Snow Policy / Bad Weather

In the event of bad weather we will make every effort to clean your yard. In rare circumstances when a scheduled cleaning is missed and can not be rescheduled, we will follow-up on your next scheduled service day to clean-up the waste. The missed clean-up will not be credited/refunded due to our work load being doubled when we return.

If we come to your home and can not gain safe access to your property due to any reason, for example, snow, ice, etc. blocking your gate or access to your yard you will be charged for the visit. We can not jump fences or dig out your gate.

There may be times when the waste is frozen to the ground, ice, or snow, and will make a bigger mess if we try to pry it out. Usually, by our next visit, the waste will have thawed and can properly be removed.


If you have any questions please let us know.