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Why would anyone in their right mind blog about pet waste removal?

Gross! Yuck! That doesn’t even sound interesting to me, Tracy Clevens, owner of the wildly successful Clevens K-9 Scoop Pet Waste Removal Service.

But, what does sound interesting to me is a blog about family fun activities we can enjoy with our dogs and other helpful dog-related tips and life hacks to keep things interesting.

Pet Waste Removal Helpful Dog Related Tips

Mike and girls with our black Lab, Holly

Helpful Dog-Life Hacks & Tips

In my 14 years of owning and operating Clevens K-9 Scoop, I have learned through my clients and other professionals in the pet services industry helpful hints and information on making our lives easier, safer, and more fun. I always enjoy talking with my clients when I get the chance to see them while cleaning their yards. I look forward to diving into those topics in future blog posts.

Dog Friendly Family Fun Activities

I will also take you on a tour of different dog-friendly parks and hiking trails in our area. It’s one of our favorite family activities to do with our family dog, Holly. My family and I will review them and let you know if it is worth the visit or to skip it. We already have a few favorite spots and this blog will help us branch out and explore more. I want to keep the trips local to the area Clevens K-9 Scoop services. We go to residential properties, apartment communities and HOA (Home Owner Associations) along the Main Line Area in Montgomery County, parts of Southern Chester County, most of Delaware County, and Northern Delaware.

If you have visited any of the dog friendly spots we review, please comment, email me about it, or send me a picture. If you have a favorite spot we should try on the Main Line, Delaware County, or New Castle County area, comment and let me know.