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Why we got into the Pooper Scooper Business.

How Clevens K-9 Scoop got started.

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Starting a Pooper Scooper Business

One of the first questions asked when I meet a new client or tell someone what I do is, “Why did you start a Pooper Scooper business?”   There are many reasons why owning your own business and being your own boss is rewarding.  However, when we started Clevens K-9 Scoop, Michael and I were getting married and weddings are expensive! We needed to figure out a way to earn some extra money while keeping our full-time jobs.  Starting a pooper scooper business seemed liked a natural fit.

Michael was working for his cousin’s paving company and I was in Pharmaceutical sales.  Recently engaged and overwhelmed by wedding planning, Michael had the idea that this is something he could do after work and on weekends.  He likes being outdoors and we love dogs so this was perfect.

In the beginning

I can’t stress enough, that in the beginning, Michael was the one pushing this idea.  I thought he was nuts. I had never heard of the pooper scooper industry.  I had no idea that there were business out there ready to clean up the dog poop from your yard.  I didn’t think people would want or need this type of dog related service.  I was so wrong!

Our friends laughed at the idea of starting a pooper scooper business.  They thought it was a silly idea.  Even some family members said Michael and I were wasting our time and education pursuing this idea. Luckily, we did not listen to them.

Why we picked a pooper scooper business

The more I thought about it, the more I realized a pooper scooper business was like any other type of service. People are busy and value their limited amount of free time.  Clevens K-9 Scoop gives this limited free time back to its clients. The poop scooping has to get done and we are more effective and efficient than your typical dog owner.  Pair that with being affordable and we knew this idea would work.

About six months after Michael mentioned starting a pooper scooper business, I got behind him and agreed that we could do this.  I liked the idea of creating a business with my soon to be husband.  We work well together and I knew we would be a great team.

Getting started

After printing a few business cards, getting car magnets, and telling everyone we knew that we started a pooper scooper business, the calls started to slowly come in.  Our very first clients were neighbors in Wynnewood, PA.  I think the one neighbor saw our flyer hanging up at the Acme and called us.  I remember my excitement after taking her call.  This could work!  And it did.  The pooper scooper business slowly grew to other parts of the Main Line and Delaware County.  For our first year in business we had around ½ day’s worth of work and it was perfect for us.

Our first year

After about a year, I took the leap of faith by quitting my full time job to manage Clevens K-9 Scoop.  That was over 14 years ago and it was a great decision!  I hope our clients, both 2 and 4 legged, agree.

If you are thinking of starting your own pooper scooper business, leave a comment below!

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