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Pet Waste is a Health Risk

white dod outside on patioWhat dog owner would guess that one of the top polluters to our waterways would be their friendly, four-legged pal? This is a real community pet waste problem.

Dog waste is a health risk that is most often ignored by dog owners who don’t feel comfortable carrying around a plastic bag with Rover’s leftovers or cleaning-up after their dogs in their own backyards, though that can become an issue with brownspots in your lawn if you’re considering selling your home.

Community pet waste problems are becoming a huge issue as residents try to figure out how to keep pet waste issues under control.

According to the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, pet waste is a health risk to people, pets, and especially children. It is a nuisance in our neighborhoods, and can negatively affect our water supply. Studies show that dog and cat waste may contribute up to 25% of the harmful bacteria found in our local waterways.

Dog Owners Have a Responsibility and Options

With a solution as simple as cleaning-up your friendly canine’s droppings, most dog owners ignore the situation, especially in their own back yards where rain water eventually leads this environmentally threatening waste off their yards, into storm drains. This waste eventually ends up in local streams, rivers, lakes and bays. Mistakenly, many people think that the water that goes into their streets’ storm sewers is treated; but that is not the case.

With over 43.5 million dogs in the U.S., dog owners are looking for a simple solution to an already mounting problem. For some dog owners, finding a workable solution has been a challenge. Most do not have the time to clean up after their dogs. (Keep in mind the average dog goes 20 + times a week.)

These days health-conscious dog owners are paying more attention to their living environment and taking more of a proactive approach in dealing with the dog poop left on the ground.

We believe over 40% of dog owners do not pick-up after their dogs. That leads to a lot of poop that can be tracked right into your home if not cleaned on a regular basis.

You can tackle this problem head on with our “solution to pet pollution.” If you can have on-demand lawn care, why not on demand poop scooping? Armed with a rake in hand, we visit every week to clean up those mounds of “calling cards” dogs leave on the ground. We are proud of the work we do! Not only are we providing a clean yard for our clients, their children, and pets to enjoy, we are also preserving our waterways for future generations.

There Are Benefits To Cleaning-Up

two people sitting in the distance on a park bench with a lake in front Property Management Companies, Condo, and Home Owner Associations are seeing the benefits of using a professional dog waste removal service to clean and maintain their common areas. Resident complaints are down and the properties are clean and beautiful.

Once-a-week or twice-per-week yard cleanings are available with service year round to Residential Yards, Apartment Buildings, Home Owner Associations, Businesses, and Park & Recreation Area. Installation and Maintenance of Pet Waste Stations is also available.

Leave the messy clean-up to us. Contact us. Your yard will thank you!