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It snowed last week with more forecasted for this weekend.

We know we need to bundle ourselves up in the cold but what about our dogs?

We want to keep them safe, warm, and comfortable.  Check out our top 8 winter safety tips for your dog and let me know what you think about them.  If you have any tips to share please comment below and I can add them to my 8 Winter Safety Tips for Your Dog.

Follow our tips on basic Winter Pet Safety:

  • Brrr I’m cold!

If it’s too cold outside for you, it’s too cold for your dog.  Dogs are a part of the family and need to be kept inside during the cold weather.  Know your dog’s limit when it comes to snow and the cold.  Older dogs, short haired breeds, and puppies usually do not tolerate the cold as well as other dogs.

  • Keep potty breaks short.

I like to walk my dog for her potty breaks instead of letting her out the back door.  That way I know if she has gone potty and I can also see how she is reacting to the cold.  If I am out there shivering than I know she is too and I need to keep the walk short. One little thing I do is throw a towel into the dryer as we are headed out for our walk.  When we come back in I use it to warm and dry her off.  Spoiled dog, I know, but she deserves it. Hope my kids or husband don’t read this blog entry! They will want to know where their warm towel is when they come in from the snow.

  • Create an outdoor potty area in the snow.

The first time I saw a client do this I thought it was genius.  Some dogs are confused where they can go outside if they can’t see grass or the snow is to high for them to squat and go.  Shovel out an area on your grass to make it easier for your dog to know where to go. It also makes scooping the poop much easier or you or your Clevens K-9 Scoop Pet Waste Tech.

  • Salt

Salt and other chemicals can irritate your dog’s paws.  I like to wipe them off with a warm damp cloth as soon as we get in the door.  If not, she will lick her paws and ingest the potentially harmful salt and chemicals. I also don’t want it on my floors.  It can cause damage.

  • Antifreeze is Poisonous!  

It will kill your dog! Wipe up any spills on your driveway or in your garage.  Also, keep an eye out for it on walks.  It comes in many colors.

  • Leave your dogs home.

No car rides.  They may love to go for a ride but just like the hot summer months, the cold winter months are also dangerous.  And of course, never leave them alone in your car. Even for a quick errand.  You may come back to your car with people surrounding it trying to break the window and rescue your dog or even worse post a picture of your cold dog to social media.

  • Watch out for ice or frozen ponds.  

Near our old home, we lived near a big pond.  Our dog loved to explore it but when the pond iced over I kept her away from it.  You don’t want to end up on the 6 o’clock news because your dog needed to be rescued from falling through the ice or worse.

  • Common Sense

Use your common sense.  We all have it so use it! Your dog will thank you.

Have your own Winter Pet Safety Tip?  Comment below, privately email or send a contact form and let me know either way! I may even add them to my 8 Winter Safety Tips for your Dog.